The Green Leaf Alliance is a group of crop insurance agents who have banded together to help each by developing new and innovative products and programs that will protect their customers and grow their revenue.

Green Leaf RE

GREEN LEAF RE is a Montana captive reinsurance company that participates in quota-share reinsurance treaties.  Read More

Hybrid Risk Retention Project

This revolutionary new product will be a blend of traditional MPCI insurance coverage, self insurance retention and excess loss protection with both cost and tax benefits.
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Agent owned reinsurance captive, new crop products and programs, top commission rates, processing support, agency acquisition funding, ... Read More

Member Benefits

Captive Reinsurance Program

Green Leaf RE is a captive reinsurance company that participates in selling commercial reinsurance to SRA-holding insurance companies in the FCIC program.  Members will have participation with the captive as owners and investors.  Read More

New Crop Products and Programs

With potential congressional changes to the federal crop insurance program and recent reductions in agency commissions, Green Leaf Alliance is developing new products and programs to offer our members to help maintain and grow their business.  The Hybrid Risk Retention Project, a product which blends traditional MPCI coverage and self insurance retention, is our newest offering.  Read More

Processing Support

Green Leaf Alliance can offer technical assistance, set up training, or connect you with other members to assist you with your processing needs.