The Green Leaf Alliance is a group of crop insurance agents who have banded together to help each by developing new and innovative products and programs that will protect their customers and grow their revenue.

Green Leaf RE

GREEN LEAF RE is a Montana captive reinsurance company that participates in quota-share reinsurance treaties.  Read More

Hybrid Risk Retention Project

This revolutionary new product will be a blend of traditional MPCI insurance coverage, self insurance retention and excess loss protection with both cost and tax benefits.
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Agent owned reinsurance captive, new crop products and programs, top commission rates, processing support, agency acquisition funding, ... Read More

Green Leaf Alliance Programs

The Green Leaf Alliance (the “Alliance”) is a business service organization created by agents for agents to assist its members by providing tools, support and training, making them better able to provide product and service to their customers.  In the current crop industry environment, we expect agency consolidations and other business changes to occur, resulting in fewer but higher quality agents who will better serve American farmers.

Membership is limited to up to 50 active crop insurance agents and general agents are eligible to join the GLA.  Member Agents will (a) pay general dues, (b) have access to all member benefits (c) contract directly with the insurer and (d) not be subject to premium requirements.


Green Leaf RE

Captive Reinsurance Program

GREEN LEAF RE is a captive reinsurance company established in the state of Montana and meets all state regulations and guidelines.  Aceterrus, the certified captive manager oversees that all state insurance requirements are met, manage the captive, and give guidance on loss thresholds and stop loss coverage.

GREEN LEAF RE participates in selling commercial reinsurance to SRA-holding insurance companies in the FCIC program (through buying limited retro-cessions from existing reinsurers), but will not be an FCIC program participant itself.  Its primary business is to participate in providing reinsurance to AIPs and commercial reinsurers participating in the crop insurance program.  All reinsurance contracts, treaties and placements will be in compliance with statutory guidelines on reinsurance.

GREEN LEAF RE is capitalized by its owners as required by applicable regulations and requirements of its states of operation.  Member agents will have participation with the captive as owners and investors.


Hybrid Risk Retention Program

With the Congress considering reducing subsidies to producers, the concept of a Hybrid Risk Retention Program was developed.  Subsidy cuts would most likely dramatically affect the larger farmers.  These larger farmers are best positioned to look at alternatives to traditional crop insurance to manage their risk.

Green Leaf Alliance is currently in development with Aceterrus on an exclusive new Hybrid Risk Retention Project.  The Hybrid product blends traditional MPCI insurance coverage, a level of self insurance retention and excess loss protection.  Such a program would provide both cost and tax benefits to the targeted farmer profile.

Only Green Leaf Alliance members and their customers will have access to this exclusive product.