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The Green Leaf Alliance (the “Alliance’) is a business service organization that was formed by a group of crop insurance agents who banded together to help develop new and innovative products and programs for the Ag community. Membership is open to Crop Insurance Agents, Growers, Farm Managers and those directly involved in crop risk management. Members believe that there are alternatives. We focus on providing risk management for catastrophic and unforseen events through a captive insurance program. We will work with you, your advisors, and agents to customize a program for you if it makes sense for you. We believe the costs of risk management should reflect your better farming practices.

Services GLA Provides

GLA will coordinate the professionals necessary for you to develop your own captive insurance company program. We will help arrange for an accredited captive manager, CPA audit, acturarial services, and corporate management procedures to begin a captive program for risk management. We can arrange the use of a protected, segregated cell. We will be your laison to the professionals needed to run your captive or cell.

Green Leaf Re Insurance Company

Green Leaf Re is a captive Insurance Company sponsored by members of the Alliance. GLRe was chartered in Montana in 2014 and is regulated by the Commissioner of Securities and Insurance. It may reinsure part of the underwriting risk of other insurance companies that issue standard insurance policies.

Is a Captive Right for You?

You may be managing your costs of crop insurance by buying CAT or low percentage MPCI policies and self insuring most of your normal risks. If you do that now, we would like to show you the advantages of developing a Captive Crop Insurance Program. Your crop agent will still be involved, but adding a captive program will allow you to weather the unusual years when there's a 20 or 50 year catastrophic event.

Crop Risk Management

As a grower, you worry about the risks to your crops all the time. There are tools to help. The traditional way to manage your weather risks has been by buying Multi Peril Crop Insurance, the insurance program sponsored and subsidized by the USDA. Some growers hedge certain risks through commodity trades. Others buy CAT coverage and self insure the risk. Others buy no coverage because they have enough capital to withstand a bad year. If you are self insuring a large portion of your weather risks, you should look at a captive insurance program.

Captive Insurance Companies

Captive Insurance companies are private insurance companies that insure the risk of their owners. It does not deal with the public. It only takes risks of its owners. There are over 3100 Captives in the US and 6000 plus worldwide, with over $42 billion in premium. Captives have been available to the fortune 500 companies for a long time. Over the last 10 years, the industry has evolved to allow more business to take advantage of the benefits of ownership of their own captive.


To learn more about how having your own Captive Insurance Company can help you grow revenue please contact John Taylor at captive@greenleafalliance.com or use the form below.